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Коллекция » Rock Music (mostly lossless and a small part mp3) » BAND E » ECOCIDE / Death/Thrash Metal (Netherlands / Collection)
ECOCIDE / Death/Thrash Metal
labanovДата: Пятница, 23.09.2022, 07:46 | Сообщение # 1
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Ecocide - Eye of Wicked Sight

Year: 2013
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Netherlands
Format: Flac+Cue+Log+Covers
Size: 275mb

01. Multiverse [instrumental]
02. Planet Eater
03. Alien Intervention
04. Eye of Wicked Sight
05. Unknown Disease
06. Terror from Beyond
07. Crawling from the Crypt
08. Beneath the Flesh

Rick "The Slapper" - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Bas "Ducaz" - Drums, Cowbell
Sten "Goof" - Guitars, Vocals

About a month ago I accidentally bumped into Ecocide. They originate from Netherlands and after a demo in 2012, they released their first full-length in past July. During 33 minutes they manage to present a remarkable piece of extreme metal that creates a whole lot of expectations for their future.
The thematology of the album is pretty obvious already from the cover art. Science fiction, the unknown of the universe and in general alien forms of life. At first I was curious about the ramification of this aesthetics to the musical content, but as soon as the first track started everything became clear to me. Apart from the weird intro that creates the proper atmosphere and some samples before one or two songs, we're dealing with well-performed death/thrash metal the old school way. Or, to be more specific, it would be better to say that the music balances between the glorious past and a slightly modern sound. Responsible for the latter is the good production that makes the record a bit more accessible without losing any of its dynamic.
If I had to stress an element that makes "Eye of Wicked Sight" so special, that would be the memorable riffs that exist in almost every song of the album. Goof has done an excellent guitar work and the alternations from slow, groovier riffs to a frenzy thrashy rythm are perfectly executed. If a characteristic track had to be chosen, in order to give the listener an taste of the album, that probably would be "Crawling from the Crypt". But generally all songs have a proper and solid structure without becoming boring or tiring to the least. The slow parts sound massive thanks to the valuable contribution of the bass and when the tempo raises it's very difficult to stay motionless. Finally, drums sometimes give an impression that they could have been played a bit faster, but in that way they give prominence to the virtues of this work.
It's great to see that the Netherlands continue to give birth to great and promising bands in the death metal genre. This album is a stellar first attempt and these guys surely deserve more attention in the future. Very soon "Eye of Wicked Sight" will be released on vinyl as well by Supreme Chaos Records so support the band and buy their stuff. They could be this year's "big bang".

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Коллекция » Rock Music (mostly lossless and a small part mp3) » BAND E » ECOCIDE / Death/Thrash Metal (Netherlands / Collection)
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