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Коллекция » Rock Music (mostly lossless and a small part mp3) » BAND E » ENCRYPTION /Gothic/Ambient/Medieval (Belgium/2003)
ENCRYPTION /Gothic/Ambient/Medieval
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Encryption - Secrecy

Стиль: Gothic/Ambient/Medieval
Страна: Belgium


Part 1 : A.D. 1552
01. Intro: Spellcraft
02. Dominus Dea
03. The Gates Beyond
04. Nocturnal panic
05. Requiem

Part 2 : A.D. 1702
06. Ad Ordo Sacrea
07. The Whispering Of Shadows
08. In Quest Mortis
09. Luna Adoro
10. Invocatio Divina
11. Experia Sentima

The latest offering of the fantasy label Waerloga is an album by a project from Belgium called Encryption. There is an evil looking monk in a cloister on the front cover, standing next to a desperate looking angelic naked girl, who is kneeling and praying. This professional looking artwork by Jan Yrlund predicts some dark and obscure secrets from medieval times…

“Secrets” is actually divided into two parts: “Part 1: A.D. 1552″ and “Part 2: 1702″. So Encryption, consisting of Lacrimas (keyboards & synths, programming and vocals) and Lady Clarisse (vocals) brings us musical time travels to two different eras in history. The part tells the story of a witch in the late middle ages. She was prosecuted by the inquisition for heresy. The second part deals with a later secret pagan order called Ordo Libidis, which was inspired by that witch.

The music consists of moody (synthetic) neo-classical and dark ambient pieces. Quite tranquil, clear sounding music, with some subtle ritual elements. At times “Secrecy” sounds melancholic and tragic, other moments are rather romantic. The atmosphere is enhanced by various sound samples and the high atypical female vocals of Lady Clarisse, with darker backing vocals by Lacrimas. I have to think of acts like Weltenbrand or Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, with some moments reminding of softer Cold Meat acts. Encryption may not have reached that level yet, but they sound certainly promising. Perhaps they could add some more powerful percussion and a little more varied sounds and surprises on a next release.

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Коллекция » Rock Music (mostly lossless and a small part mp3) » BAND E » ENCRYPTION /Gothic/Ambient/Medieval (Belgium/2003)
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