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Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND M » Mike Onesko's Guitar Army /Blues/Hard Rock (United States/2015)
Mike Onesko's Guitar Army /Blues/Hard Rock
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Mike Onesko's Guitar Army - In The Name Of Rock n' Roll 2015

Год: 2015
Стиль: Blues/Hard Rock
Страна: 2015

01. The Destroyer (5:14)
02. In the Name of Rock N' Roll (4:35)
03. Keeping the Flame Alive (5:34)
04. Nothing Can Hold Me Down (5:51)
05. Warzone (Dogs of Doom) (5:06)
06. Good Times Bad Times (3:32)
07. Speed Freak (5:18)
08. Sacred Sun (4:53)
09. Can't Make You Love Me (4:17)
10. Child of the Sky (7:14)

Killer new solo studio disc by long-standing guitar rock riffmaster Mike Onesko, the leader & frontman of the mighty Blindside Blues Band. Includes 10 tracks of awesome, powerful, hard-hitting, hi-energy, blues-based, retro-70s, heavy guitar rock riffage/mojo that is all about the R.O.C.K. and destroys everything in it's path. A full frontal heavy guitar rock assault that is on a Mission to Keep the Rock alive. From the intense, powerful opening heavy rocker, "The Destroyer," to the dynamic thought provoking final track, "Child Of The Sky" (an excellent musical tribute that is dedicated to the late, great Ronnie Montrose), every track hits hard with kick ass, brain-damaging, face-melting, storm troopin' six string weapons of mass destruction.

On his incredible new disc, Onesko is a true riffmaster general who has assembled an ultimate Guitar Army to fight the good fight and Keep the Flame Alive "In The Name Of Rock N' Roll." Onesko's Guitar Army consists of an unstoppable bulletproof platoon of mega-awesome special guest guitar rock soldiers in the form of Bruce Bouillet (Racer X), Brett Ellis, Dirty Dave Osti, Martin J. Andersen (Blindstone), Janne Stark (Mountain Of Power), Jay Jesse Johnson (B.B.B.), Craig Erickson & Doug Rappoport. All amazing guitarists who have joined Onesko's Guitar Army and contributed their fierce guitar rock power to help win the war in victory on the battlefield for Keeping the Rock alive in a world of musical mediocrity.

And for added strength & support, Special Ops Rock God Vocalist Jeff Martin (Racer X/Badlands) joins the ranks and helps the troops win the war with his phenomenal vocal power on several tracks. Mike Onesko & his Guitar Army are here to save the day and Keep the Rock alive with this amazing, essential Grooveyard Records disc that is Highly recommended to fans of Blindside Blues Band, Montrose and all other forms of classic, bad-ass, serious, old-school guitar rock excellence

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Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND M » Mike Onesko's Guitar Army /Blues/Hard Rock (United States/2015)
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