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Melodic death metal (also referred to as melodeath) is a subgenre of death metal that employs highly melodic guitar riffs, often borrowing from traditional heavy metal. The style originated and developed in Sweden (pioneered by At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity and In Flames) and the United Kingdom (pioneered by Carcass) around 1993. The Swedish death metal scene did much to popularise the style, soon centering in the "Gothenburg metal” scene.

The genre combines aspects of traditional heavy metal ranging as far as the new wave of British heavy metal, in particular fast riffing and harmonic guitar lines, with the heavily distorted guitars, fast double-bass drum patterns and occasional blast beats of death metal. The vocal style typically combines harsh screaming and growling with melodic singing, with some artists emphasizing one of these techniques over the rest. Melodic death metal drum patterns are often built around the "skank beat", similar to thrash metal.

Much of the origin and popularity of melodic death metal can be attributed to the bands At the Gates, In Flames, and Dark Tranquillity, whose early 1990s music releases defined the genre and laid the foundation for the Gothenburg metal scene.[1] Writer Gary Sharpe-Young considered the Gothenburg scene the commercial salvation of death metal: "Gothenburg became the new Tampa and the genre received a new lease on life." The titular melodic elements can be traced to traditional Scandinavian musical motifs. Another pioneer was the English band Carcass, which performed grindcore on its first two releases but morphed into death metal and an increasingly melodic style on the Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious (1991) and Heartwork (1993). Ceremonial Oath and Eucharist also played melodic death metal in the very early 1990s, however never gained much attentioned outside of their own scene.

Since the late 1990s, melodic death metal bands have added more melodic choruses and riffs and have used keyboards more prominently than other death metal bands; their lyrics, unlike those of death metal, did not focus on death, violence, gore, horror, or blood, for the most part. However, bands prominent in the genre such as The Black Dahlia Murder have been described as maintaining the intensity of regular death metal, while incorporating elements from other extreme metal bands like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. Additionally, other genres would begin using melodic death metal as an influence, including melodic metalcore and melodic black/death. Stewart Mason claims that melodic metalcore has become very popular in the United States, using the term "Swedecore" to describe Scandinavian-style metal as played by non-Nordic bands.

Many melodic death metal bands began being inspired by black metal and European romanticism. This style has been referred to as blackened melodic death metal, melodic blackened death metal and melodic black-death. However, unlike most other black metal, this take on the genre would incorporate an increased sense of melody and narrative. Some bands who have played this style include Dissection, Sacramentum, Naglfar, Dawn, Unanimated, Thulcandra and Cardinal Sin.

Melodic metalcore is a fusion genre, incorporating elements of metalcore and melodic death metal, with a heavy emphasis on melodic instrumentation, blast beats, metalcore-stylized breakdowns and clean singing.These bands often take influence from the guitar riffs and writing styles of Swedish melodic death metal bands, especially At the Gates, In Flames, Arch Enemy and Soilwork. Melodic metalcore bands include Poison the Well, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Darkest Hour,Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Bury Tomorrow and I Killed the Prom Queen.

Мелодичный дэт-метал (англ. melodic death metal) — является дальнейшим развитием жанра трэш-метал, идущим параллельно с развитием дэт-метала, но не являющимся его поджанром. Происходит от смешения нескольких стилей: трэш-метал (гитарные рифы), пауэр-метал (соло) и дэт-метал (вокал). Жанр отличается от традиционного дэт-метала большим разнообразием гитарных риффов, близких к трэш-металу и пауэр-металу, частотой и мелодичностью соло-партий, вставками акустической гитары и чистого вокала.

Родоначальниками жанра некоторые считают английский коллектив из Ливерпуля Carcass с альбомом «Heartwork» (1993), а также Eucharist, Ceremonial Oath (альбом «Carpet»), In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Edge of Sanity, At the Gates.....

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The material is intended for review! If you liked the album, buy the CD in the store.
На форуме этот стиль представляют - вот некоторые группы (остальные смотрите в каталоге)

ADVERSARY /Melodic Death Metal
ALLEGAEON /Technical/Melodic Death Metal
AMON AMARTH / Melodic Death Metal
Aphotica /Melodic Death Metal
APOPLEXY /Technical Melodic Death Metal
AT THE GATES / Melodic Death Metal
BEHIND THE SCENERY /Melodic Death Metal
BLOOD STAIN CHILD /Melodic Death Metal
BLOODHUNTER /Melodic Death Metal
BROKDAR /Melodic Death Metal
BURDEN OF GRIEF /Melodic Death Metal
CEREMONIAL OATH /Melodic Death Metal
CONSPIRACY A.D. /Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Corbian /Melodic Death Metal
CRIMSON DEATH / Melodic Death Metal
DARKNESS BY OATH /Melodic Death Metal
Dawn of Dissolution /Epic Melodic Death Metal
DEADLOCK /Melodic Death Metal
DEALS DEATH /Melodic Death Metal
DECADENCE /Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Decaptacon /Melodic Death Metal
DIES IRAE / Melodic Dark Death Metal
EDENBEAST /Melodic Death Metal
DIABLO /Melodic Death Metal
DISARMONIA MUNDI /Melodic Death Metal
DIVINITY /Technical Melodic Death Metal
Drakens Orden / Epic/Melodic Death Metal
ENSIFERUM /Melodic Death/Folk/Heavy Metal
EUCHARIST /Melodic Death Metal
EXODIKON /Melodic Death Metal
FALLEN JOY /Melodic Death Metal
FISSION /Melodic Death Metal/Progressive
GHOST BRIGADE /Melodic Death/Doom Metal
GUIDANCE OF SIN /Melodic Death Metal
HEAVEN SHALL BURN /Melodic Death Metal/Hardcore
Hell's Guardian .Epic/Melodic Death Metal
HEVEIN /Melodic Death Metal/Avant-garde
Hidravenosa /Melodic Death Metal
HITWOOD /Melodic Death Metal/Instrumental
MISANTHROPE /Progressive Melodic Death Metal
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST /Melodic Death Metal
myGRAIN /Melodic Death Metal
NIGHTRAGE /Melodic Death Metal
NOUMENA /Melodic Death Metal
ONCE HUMAN /Melodic Death/Groove Metal
PATHS OF POSSESSION /Melodic Death Metal
PLASTIC EARTH /Melodic Death Metal
Reliever /Melodic Death Metal
RISE TO FALL /Melodic Death/Groove Metal
SEEKING ETERNITY /Melodic Death Metal
SHADOW /Melodic Death Metal
SHADOWS FALL /Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
SOILWORK /Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Soulburner /Old School Melodic Death Metal
Soulline /Melodic Death Metal
SUIDAKRA /Melodic Death Metal/Folk/Mediaval
Temnein /Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
THE AGONIST /Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
THE CROWN /Melodic Death Metal
THE UNGUIDED /Melodic Death Metal
THE WAKE /Melodic Death Metal
THINE EYES BLEED /Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
THREAT SIGNAL /Technical Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal
THYRIEN /Melodic Death Metal/Folk
Torchia /Melodic Death Metal
TOTAL DEATH /Melodic Death Metal
TRACEDAWN /Melodic Death Metal
UNGRAVED /Melodic Death Metal
WINTERSUN /Melodic Death/Folk Metal
Wirethrone /Melodic Death Metal
WITH PASSION /Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
ZERO DEGREE /Melodic Death Metal

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