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Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND B » BLUTMOND /Avant-garde/Black Metal (Switzerland/2010,2012)
BLUTMOND /Avant-garde/Black Metal
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Blutmond - The Revolution Is Dead!

Style:Avant-garde Black Metal

01. Putting Hearts Together
02. Regret
03. Pas De Deux
04. Stop the Rain, Neuzeit Jesus
05. Absolution Lies in Evolution
06. Moonlit Chair ™
07. BreakDown 2012
08. Birds of Prey
09. One World - One Feature
10. Attention Whore! (Lost in Bliss)
11. If I Could Reach the Stars...
12. 21st Century Prophets

Jerry - Bass, Vocals
Marc - Saxophone
John - Guitars, Vocals
Sin-Marlon - Guitars
Dave - Drums
Dorian Nellen - Samples
Christoph Ziegler - Absynth
Chrigel Glanzmann - Grater
Timo "Managarm" - Vocals
Fredy Schnyder - Piano
Ulf Theodor Schwadorf - Rattles, Bongo
Markus Baltes - Vocals
Anna Murphy - Vocals, Samples

DarksageДата: Воскресенье, 04.07.2021, 19:23 | Сообщение # 2
True RMW
Группа: Администраторы
Сообщений: 13365
Материал предназначен для ознакомления!
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The material is intended for review! If you liked the album, buy the CD in the store.

Blutmond - Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days


1. Mind Da Gap 01:45
2. You vs. The Modern Lifestyle Obsession 06:34
3. Working Poor, Yuppie Yeah (A/A 3000) 03:54
4. Rebellion 02:25
5. Friday - Trapped In Mental Disorder 07:39
6. Blind Date Broadway 05:09
7. Cry.sys 05:45
8. Good Morning World 02:35
9. Martini Midnight Madness 06:59
10. Metro Aesthetix 03:58
11. Suburbs - A Lamentation Or A Social Frustration!? 06:35
12. The Party Is Over... 04:18
13. Dance N' Society 06:18

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JOHN - guitar & vocals
JERRY - bass & vocals
DAVE - drums
MARC - live sax & effects
MARLON - live guitar

BLUTMOND are the bleak side of the conventional attitude towards the bohemian lifestyle and the urban madness. Where others stumble every day, we look closely and question things, which already became daily nonsense. Let it be the depressed grey shapes wandering through the commuter traffic in the smoggy dawn, the alcohol-fueled nocturnal intermezzo in the underground between the bedraggled stops after a friday night out in an overcrowded and excessive loud pub amid a cloud of smoke or the sense or absurdity of the modern meritocracy with all of its perversion…
Where the mass flows the fastest, we stand still more than ever! When the crisis comes closer, we invest in champagne. Each one who abominates this, is already part of what a profitable anti-crisis-drug named swine flu inoculating is to us. We all live in a world, that stopped to exist long ago and now only spins around ourselves. Instead of playful sense and being, theres dam'n TV with silly casting shows, drug problems, youporn, overpaid team sport, fucked up Lady Gaga and the prostitution sponsored by materialism. Our opinion is that all included this composes a brand-new chapter of the history of mankind: the first chapter whose "urban mysticism" as such is already in existance in the present. Because we're blinded by the lights, the noise, the supersonic speed rush, and the all-embracing superficiality.
When the asphalt begins to glow, lightened by thousand threecoloured suns, the far traffic - like pulsating echoes from the past - combines with the clear scent of the full moon, and yonder rises above the skyline; everything lingers in the void at so late an hour and the purifying fire ignites in our blood and in the blood of the less resistant, like valium with speed, then, that's for sure, WE are the ones that judge others, that decide on the end of a day and not at least:
How to find ourselves again!
So listen to our urban tunes and go ahead...


"Surprise Of The Month"
Humour and black metal sit uneasily together. Or, to clarify, they sit together uneasily for black metal fans. If you don’t like black metal, they sit together very well indeed. Those benighted ones excluded, though, I can almost feel the snorts of derision emanating from Metal Reviews visitors worldwide breezing angrily across the oceans. That title… Aren’t there enough unselfconscious goofballs in black metal already that we need self-conscious ones? Scanning the song names: Mind Da Gap, Working Poor, Yuppie Yeah!, Dance N’ Society? Why spoof a genre that has so comprehensively self-spoofed on more than one unfortunate occasion?
What, then, to make of this? Sprouting from the remains of the (by all accounts) very black metal Totenstille, the band’s mission statement seems to be to restore a “playful sense and being” to our world of “depressed grey shapes”, and lay down a manifesto for a transcendent “urban mysticism”. No, I don’t know what this means either. Perhaps we can interpret that they are serious about being silly? That would certainly fit with moments here, though I’m not sure about the whole. Evoking experimental black metal luminaries like Ephel Duath or DHG, this can be an eclectic and often tongue-in-cheek album that gleefully vandalises a riotous blackened blast template with trance synths, muted trumpets and abrupt blues breakdowns, among other things. But that blackened blast itself is capable of unflinching power.
On occasion this can be jarring. Working Poor… swoops into action with a gloriously intense black metal battle-riff, before being interrupted abruptly (that is an understatement- it’s like an unexpected birthday decapitation) by an awkward jazz swing replete with parping synth horns. The jolting effect is undoubtedly intentional, but I wonder about the extent to which this is indulgent surprise tactics over real expression. That said, the disparate elements are often worked superbly, particularly the black metal ones. More single-minded tracks like Blind Date Broadway could fit without any problems onto a great melodic black album, expertly balancing tunefulness and ferocity.
This isn’t necessarily to say that the more eclectic numbers are always the weak points; Trapped in Mental Disorder is probably the most impressive tune here. Throughout its seven minutes it builds subtly from ominous, fidgety grooves underpinning a muted trumpet solo to growling black metal without ever losing coherence. I think the aura of the album leads you to expect something more self-consciously wacky and thrown-together than you get. Parts of Suburbs- A Lamentation or a Social Frustration?!?, for example, may sound like the jazzier moments of Ephel Duath’s The Painter’s Palette, but these are more like garnishes than the meat itself.
So, a bit of a confusing record, all said. It comes on like a spoof, and delights in musical curveballs, but seems deadly serious about straight-up black metal at the same time. Does it work as a piece of avant-fusion? Perhaps, though it has to be said that other bands mentioned here have probably worked harder to integrate other elements more deeply into their sound. Ultimately, this is simply an engaging and quirky album which doesn’t quite take its experimental vision to truly unknown realms. If you are an experimental black metal fan, this is a band to note.


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Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND B » BLUTMOND /Avant-garde/Black Metal (Switzerland/2010,2012)
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