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    A Fallen Martyr /band

    United States /USA
    Washington, DC

    Thrash Metal



    Fallen Martyr are a prime example of when inspiration gives way to experimentation. Not to be categorized by any certain sub-genre label, these five young men have cemented their status as one of the top up-and-coming bands in the heavy metal underground by creating a sound that is truly unique in a time when metal music has become all but original.

    Formed in Maryland in 2005 by bassist Doug Albers and guitarist Gabriel Luis, Fallen Martyr have set out to create music that is not only crushingly heavy, but also maintains a high level of melody and intricate structure. Fallen Martyr are a metal band that aren’t just trying to be the most extreme, but pushing to be the most musically proficient as they can be. Rounded out by second guitarist Michael Gerlach, drummer Jake Ford and classically trained front man J. Ryan Rawlings, F.M. have already toured and played with some of heavy’s heavyweights since the release of their six song E.P. "The Six Roots of True Will” (recently re-released as a special edition with two new tracks). They also took part in the first ever Metal As Art Tour in the United States during the winter of 2010 with Starring Janet Leigh , Hypno5e and Woe of Tyrants.

    Inspired by bands and artists from all corners of the musical spectrum, Fallen Martyr incorporate elements of whatever it takes to get exactly the sound that they are looking for. Just take a listen to the six tracks on "The Six Roots of true Will”. This is definitely not one of those albums where you will think that any or all of the songs sound the same. Fallen Martyr specialize in creating soundscapes that force the listener to let go and immerse themselves within the music.

    From brutalizing riffs and pounding double bass laden with blood curdling screams, to epic sweeping melodies intertwining with Rawlings’ shifting clean harmonic pitch, and all topped off with tasty lead solos and sing-along-able chorus lines, Fallen Martyr put on a clinic of technical excellence on each song they write. This is definitely music for the sophisticated listener, having already garnered high praises from respected metal media outlets such as Metal Exiles, Metal Maniacs, Rock Sins, Hails & Horns and many more.

    With plans for a full length in 2010, Fallen Martyr will be writing, recording and preparing for more tours. Until then, headbangers in the Baltimore/D.C. area can catch the progressive metallers gigging it up with top touring acts at hot spots like Sonar and Rams Head Live when the band is not on the road.
    For an unsigned metal band, Fallen Martyr have already received the kind of acclaim that some of the major label golden boys have, due to an old fashioned work ethic and desire to improve with each passing day. With that kind of determination, there will be nothing but big things on the horizon for Fallen Martyr. "We are an experimental band playing music that is not the current trend and feel this will help us stand out. We've had our ups and downs and being in a band is not easy, especially with no label support, but we are proud to have gotten this far on our own. That in itself is a major accomplishment.” quotes Gabriel Luis


    J. Ryan Rawlings - Vocals
    Gabriel Luis - Guitar
    Michael Gerlach - Guitar
    Jake Ford - Drums
    Doug Albers - Bass


    Shadow in the Light (EP) 2009

    1. It Will Rise          
    2. False Hate          
    3. Shadow in the Light          
    4. Poison

    Jake Rash     Bass
    Jarvier Rodriguez     Drums
    Justin Roberts     Guitars
    Eric Wilson     Vocals


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