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    A Prelude to Tragedy /band

    United States /USA

    Progressive Metal



    The original music was mainly written by keyboardist Steve Koelling from 1988 to 1996. Several versions of three of the original tracks were recorded at different places in different forms. But, in 1996, with the addition of guitarist Steve Sorrell, the sound changed to the liking of both musicians...for a while. "Diary of a Lost Soul", the debut CD of "Esucarys" was released in May of 2001 and a CD release concert at the Fairfield Theater for Creative Arts put the band on the map. A small following encouraged them to move forward with their unique sound. But, as the years passed, the band headed in an entirely different direction. The harder edge and more progressive metal side of their music became present in the writing of their "then current" project, "Shadows of the Past". Plus, personal and physical obstacles put a damper on the progress and release of the second CD. After all of the tracks were lost to a studio crash in April of 2007, both Koelling and Sorrell knew it was time for an overhaul. Sorrell had always felt like the name and the style of music was not representing the direction he wanted to go in, so the band's name was changed to "A Prelude to Tragedy" and new life was born. Under the new name, the work in progress became a reality and they released "Shadows of the Past" in December of 2007. As if par for the course, the months after the release of the new CD, the band was forced to take a temporary hiatus while more personal matters were settled. During this time both musicians started writing new material. Unfortunately, not all of the partial songs sounded like the band's new direction. In fact, Koelling felt as if it was very much like the material from the first CD. Neither of them wanted to scrap some of the potentially good ideas, and hearing several fans of the older material express their feelings that they missed the "old sound", a light bulb made itself known floating above Koelling's head. All it took was one phone call, and the old name was brought back with a revised attitude. "Project Esucarys" is a collaboration of musical ideas brought to the table by Koelling, Sorrell and drummer Todd Frank with an open doorway allowing the music to just "go wherever is goes". The original concept is to have guest vocals and musicians and base the writing around any "licks", "chords", "lyrics" and "ideas" that do not fall into the sound of "A Prelude to Tragedy". Coming back into the scene is writer and lyricist Rick Koelling. There is no promise when any recordings of the band will surface, or which will come next: a CD release by "Esucarys" or "A Prelude to Tragedy", but it is quite possible that having more than one road laying before them, the musicians might be able to keep their creativity constantly moving forward, escaping the down time that has haunted them for over a decade. As soon as there is anything available to listen to, it will be posted at this site... Link

    Steve Koelling - Keyboard, Vocals
    Steve Sorrell - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass
    Todd Frank - Drums (on "Shadows of the Past" recordings)



    Diary Of A Lost Soul - 2001

    1. The Answer
    2. When I Have Gone
    3. Alone
    4. I'm the One
    5. The Dream
    6. The Jury
    7. Nightmare Madness
    8. The Blackbird
    9. Blind Dichotomy
    10. Beyond the Depths
    11. Awaken (Second Chance Part II)
    12. A Dying World
    13. Reflections

    Shadows of the Past - 2007


    1.     A Prelude to Tragedy
    2.     With These Hands
    3.     Thirty Years
    4.     Drawn to the Past
    5.     A Home to None
    6.     The Diary of Lost Souls
    7.     A Meeting With Destiny
    8.     Never
    9.     The Gift
    10.     Ascension
    11.     End of a Line
    12.     Chasing Shadows
    13.     The Stranger
    14.     The Confession


    связи +++

    Сайт www.esucarys.net

    Тип лейбла Контракт с мэйджором


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