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    ALL OUT WAR /band

    United States (USA)
    Newburgh, New York.

    Thrash Metal/



    All Out War являются хардкор-группой из Ньюберга, Нью-Йорк. Группа играла свой первый концерт в Мидлтауне в 1991,, хотя им иногда приписывают то, что они сформировались в 1993. Первый альбом "Truth in the Age of Lies" вышел на немецком лейбле звукозаписи только в 1997. Позже группа подписалась с лейблом звукозаписи в Чикаго, где они выпустили свой второй альбом "Для Тех, Кто был Замучен" в 1998. Суматоха в составе группы продолжалась в годы после выпуска "Для Тех, Кто был Замучен" с многократными участниками группы, вступающими и оставляющими группу. Группа возвратилась к студии в 2003, чтобы сделать запись их третьей полноценной пластинки, "Condemned to Suffer". В 2004 группа объявила, что они официально распались из-за неспособности вокалиста Майка Скора продолжить работу с группой.All Out War воссоединилась в 2006,и выпустила четвертый полноценный альбом "Assassins in the House of God" 2007. В конце 2007-начале 2008 группа оставила старый лейбл.

    All Out War is an American hardcore metal band from Newburgh, New York. Formed in 1991, they have released five full-length albums between 1997 and 2010.

    The band played their first show together in Newburgh, New York at the Hudson Valley skate park in 1991. A riot broke out resulting in the police intervening. The line up was Darryl Quirk, Sam Carbone (rip), Tom Connelly (three members from A.W.O.L., an earlier hardcore band from Newburgh, N.Y.) and Mike Score.Though they are sometimes credited with having formed in 1993.
     The band's lineup shifted frequently in its early years before their first full length release Truth in the Age of Lies on the German record label Gain Ground in 1997. Later in 1997 the band signed with the Chicago based record label Victory Records, where they released their second album For Those Who Were Crucified in 1998.
    Turmoil within the band continued in the years following the release of For Those Who Were Crucified with multiple band members entering and leaving the band. The band returned to the studio in 2003 to record their third full length, Condemned to Suffer, which was also released on Victory Records. In 2004 the band announced that they had officially broken up due to the inability of vocalist Mike Score to continue with the band.

    All Out War reunited in 2006, and released their fourth album Assassins in the House of God (2007). By early 2008 the band had left Victory Records. However, by early 2010, All Out War had returned to the record label and recorded Into the Killing Fields, which was released in August 2010. //en.wikipedia


    Formed in 1991 by Tom Connelly, Mike Score, Chris Bozeth (orginal Merauder guitarist) and Sam Carbone (RIP),  All   Out   War  combined thrash metal and hardcore at a time when very few bands were doing so. After a short time, bass player Erik Carrillo, guitarist Chris Chisholm, and Jim Antonelli joined the band and (along with Connelly and Score) became the core members who wrote most of  All   Out   War's  first two records and even contributed to all other recordings.  All   Out   War  continues to write, record, and once in a while play  out  all these years later.



    Mike Score - Vocals
    Jim Antonelli - Guitar
    James Bremer - Guitar (Bloodgasm)
    Eric Carrillo - Bass
    Lou Medina - Drums (Breakdown)


    Guitar :
    Chris Chism
    Jose Segarra (End of One, Nerve Gas Tragedy, Behead the Lamb)
    Taras Apuzzo (End of One, Nerve Gas Tragedy, Behead the Lamb)
    Justin Rowand (Taste of Fear)

    Bass :
    Andy Pietroluongo (Vocals Also)

    Drums :
    Jesse Sutherland (Vocals Also) (End of One, Nerve Gas Tragedy, Behead the Lamb)
    Matt Byrne (Hatebreed)
    Lou Iuzzini
    Derek Taylor



    Truth in the Age of Lies - 1997
    For Those Who Were Crucified - 1998
    Condemned to Suffer - 2003
    Assassins in the House of God - 2007
    Into The Killing Fields - 2010


    Sum of All Fears (Demo) 1992
    All Out War (Demo) 1993
    Destined to Burn (EP) 1994
    Hymns of the Apocalypse (Single) 1997
    All Out War / NYC Takeover Vol. 1 (Split) 2001



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