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    KAAMOS /band

    Sweden /Stockholm

    Death Metal

    Музыкальный лейбл :
    Candlelight Records,
    Nuclear Winter,
    Imperium Prod



    Kaamos is a Swedish death metal band that was formed in 1998.
    They wrote 3 songs that were recorded on a cassette in 1999. Two of the songs were released by Dauthus on a limited 7”. After the release, bassist, singer Johan departed the band and was replaced by Karl.

    In 2000, drummer Thomas called it quits. A new drummer was found in Cristofer Barkensjö (also known as Chris Piss). They wrote five new songs which they recorded as the demo " Curse of Aeons; it was released in 2001. Kaamos choose to sign with Candlelight Records from several label offers.

    In November 2001 Kaamos entered the SubSonic studios again to record the debut album. With the aid of Messiah Marcolin nine tracks were put down were recorded in ten days. The album was released in May 2002. The debut album was self-titled Throughout 2002–2003 the band focused on performing live in several countries in Europe.

    In March 2004 Kaamos entered the Berno studio and ten new songs were recorded. The second album, Lucifer Rising was released in February 2005 on Candlelight. After the release, Kaamos focused on playing live again. In 2006, the band announced to split up. Just before that they have recorded a last five songs, that was released after the bands closure, the MCD was titled "Scales of Leviathan" and small Greek label Nuclear Winter records released this MCD as a limited digipak and standard CD-jewelcase
    original /wikipedia


    Karl Envall - Vocals, Bass (Revokation, Repugnant, Asmodeus)

    Nicklas Eriksson - Guitar (A Mind Confused, Serpent Obscene)
    Konstantin Papavassilou - Guitar (A Mind Confused, Saturnalia Temple, Gods of Grief, Dead Congregation)

    Chris Piss (Cristofer Barkensjö) - Drums (Serpent Obscene, Blackshine, Repugnant, Face Down, Carnal Forge)

    участники :

     Thomas Åberg : Drums     [1998-2000] ex-A mind Confused, ex-Gods Of Grief
    Johan Thörngren : Vocals, Bass     [1998-99] ex-A mind Confused

    Promo - 1999 (Demo)
    Kaamos (EP) /1999
    Curse of Aeons - 2001 (Demo)
    Kaamos - 2002
    Live in Stockholm 21.03.2003 - 2004 (Split)
    Lucifer Rising - 2005
    Scales of Leviathan - 2007 (EP)


     KAAMOS, на Myspace Music

    Kaamos -Inaugurating Evil
    Kaamos - Mysterious Reversion
    Kaamos - Gnosticon

    Lie in Ruins @ Semifinal 18.12.2009 -MYSTERIOUS REVERSION
    Kaamos - Intro/Lucifer Rising [the Knaack, Berlin 09/05/2009]
    Kaamos live Club Deströyer
    Kaamos - "Corpus Vermis" (Live Party.San Open Air 2006)
    Kaamos - Doom ov Man/Scales of Leviathan [the Knaack, Berlin 09/05/2009]



    Kaamos, this old school Death Metal foursome from Sweden, is undoubtedly highly respected and appreciated amongst so-called true Death Metal crowd these days who are being able to capture all those musical elements tightly together one by one that are essential and vital for this kind of Death Metal. When the band hails such Death Metal pioneers as Possessed, Autopsy, Grotesque, Dismember and the likes as their main influences, it?s pretty obvious which school Kaamos comes from.

    The band?s latest album, apptly titled LUCIFER RISING on Candlelight Records, is a great effort to prove what makes old school Death Metal so old school sounding that it manages to throw you through a time gate back in time; back to those times where bands like Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Incubus, Grotesque and such wicked and grotesque sounding old school Death Metal leagues reigned supreme. Kaamos has found that precious heritage of the old school Death Metal legends, and they are doing amazingly good with it.

    I hooked up with both band?s vocalist and bassist Karl and guitarist Konstantin before their show in Helsinki 4th of February 2006, and we talked about one of our favorite common topics ?old school Death Metal? what it is all about - amongst other things, and lots of Kaamos -related issues were naturally touched upon as well.//interview - read more



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