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    United Kingdom
    (Bristol, England)

    Heavy /Power Metal



    "For those of you who love world-class Power Metal, I urge you to check out Kachana", "Tight trouser, Bollock grabbing high pitched vocals and a penchant for the manliness that only Manowar and Journey can offer" Live4Metal

    "A band with top-notch technical ability whose traditional metal with a bombastic/operatic power metal touch goes over well with everyone in the audience" "New Songs The Struggle and Father Forgive Me are up there with the finest in the band's canon" Zero Tolerance Magazine

    "Before I could shout 'Son of Cronus' I was banging my head and running rings round the minotaur. Screw Homer, it's time for Kachana's Odyssey" MetalTeamUK

    Kachana were formed at Bristol University by Sacha Darwin (vox), Tom Huskinson (drums) and Alex Sarantis (guitars) in October 1997. Originally a thrash/death metal outfit, the band moved in a new power metal direction with a change of singer in June 2004. Sacha Darwin, whose gutteral screams had characterised the band’s Swedish death metal style, left to focus on his other band ‘Irony of Christ’, and Tom Morton came in to replace him. Tom’s classic metal ‘melodic’ vocals contributed to a new direction inspired by power and progressive metal bands such as Manowar and Symphony X. Tom joined original members; Alex Sarantis and Tom Huskinson, and later recruits; Mark Shield (bass since 1999) and Dan Beaufort (guitars since 2003).

    By this point Kachana were based in London and Oxford. The band’s first album with the current line-up, ‘The Plains of Illyricum’, was produced in 2006 by Martin Bell at Audiogog studios. Tracks such as ‘Poseidon’, ‘The Plains of Illyricum’, and ‘Vipera Aspis’ combined Tom’s soaring falsetto vocals with powerful thrash riffing by the guitars and bass. Favourable reviews in fanzines such as Live4Metal and MetalTeamUK, and magazines such as Powerplay, followed. The band played a series of gigs off the back of the ‘Plains of Illyricum’ CD, including memorable nights at the Purple Turtle in Camden with Sabaton and Thunderbolt and with Cloven Hoof and Elixir, both in 2007, and with Blaze Bayley at the Bedford Arms in Streatham in 2008.

    Kachana have recently completed their second album, ‘Of Gods and Men’, which was recorded, produced and engineered by Jaime Gomez at Zed One Studiosand Orgone studios and mastered by him at Orgone mastering. Its 7 tracks once again feature the catchy melodic choruses of ‘Plains’, but are faster and include more regular tempo changes. Songs such as ‘The Struggle’, ‘The Gatekeeper’, and ‘Father Forgive Me’ are shorter and display a greater interplay between the guitars than those of the earlier album. One of the standout features is the immensely improved drum sound. Additional highlights include the band’s first ballad, ‘Wings of Time’, and a reading in ancient Greek at the outset of ‘Sparta’!

    The band now intends to start gigging the album and looking for a promotional/distribution deal.

    For bookings and inquiries please contact kachana_alex@yahoo.com To purchase either ‘The Plains of Illyricum’ or ‘Of Gods and Men’ (£5 each), please contact kachana_alex@yahoo.com, or use the paypal facility on this myspace page - see bottom of about me section or Blog post 'Kachana Albums for Sale'.

    Узнать больше: http://www.myspace.com/kachana#ixzz10k7NAo4W

    Tom Morton (Vocals)
    Dan Beaufort (Guitar)
    Alex Sarantis (Guitar)
    Mark Shield (Bass)
    Tom Huskinson (Drums)


    The Plains of Illyricum /2006
    Of Gods and Men /2009


    Kachana на Myspace Music


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