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    RAT ATTACK /band

    USA /United States

    Heavy Metal



    " ... I can't remember a more vibrant and exciting time in my life than playing in Hawaii's Metal scene back in the 80's. At that time, Metal was brand new to the islands and trying to make it in a Heavy Metal band was tough work. Hawaii's radio stations and club scene catered to New Wave and Top 40 music making it almost impossible to get any recognition. So we decided to start a Metal scene of our own. I started RAT ATTACK in 1982 with guitarist Leslie Ripp. Les used to run a rehearsal place called Witch Hazel Studios, and this is where he and I would spend hours writing and practicing. Paul Schofield and I went to the same High School and both lived in Kailua. Paul was a slamming double bass drummer and after just one rehearsal, we knew he was perfect for the band. We recruited bassist Mark Chambers from the Waikiki club scene after watching him play at a rock club called The Jazz Cellar. And there you have it, RAT ATTACK was born.
    A block away from Witch Hazel Studios was a place called Rendezvous Recording. I met engineer Pierre Grill who was recording Vixen at the time with Marty Friedman. Pierre and I really hit it off and decided to record a RAT ATTACK album at his studio. So in the summer of 1983 we went into Rendezvous on a minimal budget and finished the raw and classic 8 songs that you are now listening to. Initially, this was just a demo intended to spark label interest, however, it quickly got picked up by tape traders and the underground fanzines and spread internationally. The first Metal mags to cover RAT ATTACK were Metal Chaos, Enfer Magazine & Kerrang. Our song Holocaust was featured on a compilation album out of New York on "In Rock" Records, and we started receiving airplay on college radio stations.
    We were just kids and it was amazing at the time to have been on the same playlists with bands like Judas Priest & Iron Maiden. The first radio station ever to play RAT ATTACK was KTUH, our local college station. The DJ's name was Lewis and he was in charge of The Rooster Show, which was dedicated to one thing and one thing only, METAL!!!! He loved RAT ATTACK and would invite us down to the station on Saturday nights for interviews, beers, and an ear full of our heaviest favorites. RAT ATTACK was like my extended family, and everyone involved are still friends to this day!!! If someone told me 24 years ago that RAT ATTACK would still be remembered on the under ground charts in 2007, I might have thought you were crazy. However, I am grateful and would like to thank all the RAT ATTACK enthusiasts from then and now. Thank you for keeping us in your Metal Hearts!!!!!!! Cheers, TOM AZEVEDO. //

    TOM AZEVEDO: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar,
    LESLIE RIPP: Lead Guitar,
    Музыкальный лейбл
    Old Metal Records


    Rat Attack (Demo) - 1983



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